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Rely on Medicine Basket to fulfill your committments. Our team handles site to site delivery of prescriptions within an agreed upon timeframe. We strive to offer a service that is state of the art, and one in which accoutability is at its highest.

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About Us

Medicine Basket is a delivery company that offers fast and convenient service to anyone who has a prescription at the pharmacy. Medicine Basket picks up the medication from the pharmacy and delivers it directly to the customers location. Medicine Basket provide same day delivery. Now with Medicine Basket, you can request your prescription medication to be delivered to wherever you are located. At Medicine Basket, we believe our customers are priority and our pickup and delivery of each customer's medication is done promptly and with care. We have different types of customers and understand the concerns and needs of each. Our customers consist of anyone who has prescriptions at the pharmacy, nursing homes, rehab centers, long-term care facilities, and outpatient areas. We understand our customers' satisfaction revolves around three key concerns: time, convenience, and cost. With these three drivers, our objective is to provide total satisfaction to each customer on each delivery. Medicine Basket has three core goals: (1) to deliver the medication in a convenient and timely manner; (2) to provide friendly and courteous service from the time of the request to the completion of the delivery; (3) and to keep the patients' medical and health information secure.

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