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Setup an account using our app and we'll take care of the rest. Medicine Basket is tailored to serving people with a busy schedule. Our goal is to make scheduling your delivery a breeze.

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Once your order has been received, Medicine Basket will dispatch a driver to your pharmacy. Our team handles the logistical nightmare of navigating through time and space in order to deliver your meds at blazing speeds.

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No need to move a muscle! Just rest at your designated delivery spot, and we will bring your prescriptions to your doorstep. Why Wait? All you have to do is put it in the basket!

For "ANYONE 18 YEARS OR OLDER" (Download our App) (PHARMACY MUST HAVE YOUR CURRENT PRESCRIPTION INSURANCE) (YOUR PRESCRIPTION MUST HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE PHARMACY ELECTRONICALLY) For all customers whom prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy, Medicine Basket can pick up your medication from the pharmacy and delivery to where you are. Why drive to the pharmacy? No need to stand or wait in line at the pharmacy, Put it in the Basket "Medicine Basket" And have your Medicine brought to where your are! Please refer to delivery qualification before placing delivery.

The MED 2 BED program is an initiative by hospitals to increase health care compliance. Hospitals are requesting medicine to be brought to the bedside of patients that are to be discharge from the hospital. Medicine Basket provides the delivery to the patients' rooms. Medicine Basket act in accordance to HIPPA guidelines and protects the patient's information and reduces the liability on the pharmacy provider. Due to high concerns for patients' safety and pharmacies compliance to HIPPA, Medicine Basket offers facetime pharmacy consultation.

PHARMACIES We are hired by pharmacies to deliver to their customers. Medicine Basket tailors a delivery service based on the pharmacy's need. Now pharmacist can focus on filling prescription and providing better to each pharmacy. No longer do pharmacists need to worry about the deliveries side of the business, Medicine Basket specializes on the logistics of getting the prescription from the pharmacy to the customer in a timely and secure manner at an affordable price.

About Us

Medicine Basket is a delivery company that offers fast and convenient service to anyone who has a prescription at the pharmacy. Medicine Basket picks up the medication from the pharmacy and delivers it directly to the customers location. Medicine Basket provide same day delivery. Now with Medicine Basket, you can request your prescription medication to be delivered to wherever you are located. At Medicine Basket, we believe our customers are priority and our pickup and delivery of each customer's medication is done promptly and with care. We have different types of customers and understand the concerns and needs of each. Our customers consist of anyone who has prescriptions at the pharmacy, nursing homes, rehab centers, long-term care facilities, and outpatient areas. We understand our customers' satisfaction revolves around three key concerns: time, convenience, and cost. With these three drivers, our objective is to provide total satisfaction to each customer on each delivery. Medicine Basket has three core goals: (1) to deliver the medication in a convenient and timely manner; (2) to provide friendly and courteous service from the time of the request to the completion of the delivery; (3) and to keep the patients' medical and health information secure.

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